Fabric Spa

Customer Testimonial Blog
One of our customer’s has been kind enough to let us know what he thinks of our
services. Do let us know what you think of us as well by commenting here, posting
on our Facebook page or following us on Twitter. We are all ears!
“You are the best cleaners in town. Not only is the standard consistently high but you
have gone out of your way to fulfill all my requests. The quality of the dry cleaned
clothes is excellent. It’s obviously a major time saver to have my laundry picked up
and returned cleaned. I value the service very much and am very impressed with
your personal service and ability to get me whatever I need whenever I need it. You
guys are dependable and very fair and punctual. Thanks again for all your attention
to the little details! Fabric Spa creates an excellent customer experience and is the
most professional and organized laundry company I have ever had the pleasure of
working with. Your customer service is simply unmatched. This has been a mutually
satisfying relationship. Your performance, efficiency, and productivity are
outstanding.” – Ranjeet


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