About Fabric Spa

You got it right –it’s a spa –with a difference.Presenting Fabric Spa –the spa experience for your wardrobe.Fabric Spa is every discerning individual’s dream come true –surely, you would not want that delicate evening gown or that suave tuxedo to rub shoulders with the ordinary in some run-of-the-mill neighborhood laundry. What Fabric Spa brings to the fabric care space transcends rudimentary notions of conventional laundry and dry cleaning services. Our attention to detail is meticulous; which is why your bespoke suit or slight laced dress should be send for laundry only to Fabric Spa.We go beyond providing standard laundry services. The inherent advantages that Fabric Spa brings to the table include
•World class laundry facility
•Proven expertise & qualified fabric care professionals
•World class machinery
•World class environment & fabric friendly chemicals
•Organized logistics & intelligent information systemsPowered by a battery of fabric care experts, world class equipment, the latest in technology and above all, impeccable service -Fabric Spa is just what customers always wanted for their wardrobe.The detailed services that have been devised to address every single need that your clothes would require have made us thepreferred laundry service provider for many high end facilities. Our services include
•Wet wash
•Dry clean
•Premium packing
•Garments on hanger
•Door to door pick-up and deliveryFor Fabric Spa, it comes down to an ability to service each customer, with exactly what they need. We believe that each andevery customer deserves the same commitment inservice, quality, and value.India’s first premium laundry chain, Fabric Spa is promoted by the Bangalore based JyothyFabricareServices Limited –a subsidiary of Jyothy Laboratories Limited.


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