“Let’s Get Started”- Woven into humanity !

From leaves and reeds to bright colors and fun patterns and everything in between…

From Flax which is generally considered to be the oldest natural textile fiber to Rayon the first man-made fiber.

From Cotton Worn by Egyptians earlier than 2,500 BC to Silk that India learned of when a Chinese princess married an Indian prince.

From Nylon the first commercial production to Lyocell the environmentally friendly, specially processed and recycled, reducing environmental effluents.

From weaving and knitting to tailoring and stitching. From street fashion to Haute couture.

Well, now you have your chance to know everything about fabrics. Keep following the posts you never know what you have missed all this while.

Till then here’s a quote to inspire you this week…

“Our clothes are too much a part of us for most of us ever to be
entirely indifferent to their condition: It is as though the fabric
were indeed a natural extension of the body, or even of the soul”.
~Quentin Bell


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